They say we cross paths throughout
life with people we are destined to meet.

So was true with Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck. Since childhood and in three separate cities, both had always lived within a mile of each other, yet had never met until 2005 when they became next door neighbors. A casual introduction turned into a friendship, a unique partnership, and a business venture that is today Apriori Beauty.

The Apriori Beauty story begins with two unique individuals with the rare ability and passion for creating success via product innovation, opportunity and people. Their knowledge and experience together creates the perfect partnership and leadership team.


“As a teenager, my dream was to work for United Parcel Service (UPS), because I knew it would be a job that would make people happy. Who doesn’t love to receive a package? Before I was old enough, I began applying. I visited the local UPS office every week until I landed my first job. Eleven years later, I left UPS to work for one of the companies on my route, Quest Software. Over the next seven years, I helped this small company grow from a 10-person operation to over 3,000 as the right-hand to the Founder. I was very fortunate to also help take Quest public before leaving to start my own wealth management company that I still manage today, along with a wine procurement and storage facility.

“I love business and I love helping others, so when I was first introduced to network marketing, I was intrigued by the unique opportunity to meld the two together. And as fate would have it, after meeting Elizabeth and working with her to grow my own network marketing business, I knew we could create something better together.

“The desire to help others achieve personal success was strong because I had already experienced it. And as a mother of 6, I also knew it can be very hard to balance work with the all-important need of being present in your childrens’ lives. Being in business for yourself, with the option to work from home if you choose to, is the perfect solution to life balance that so many families can benefit from. And when you can couple that with extraordinary products that can add confidence to your life too, it’s a smart business decision that can positively affect so many people, and I love being a part of that. My dream continues today … I still get to deliver happiness!”


“I was blessed with an entrepreneurial mindset after watching and working with my parents in the family business. It wasn’t unusual for a family evening to include stuffing envelopes or licking postage stamps. There was always a project ‘the kids’ could help with. And I loved it!

“I worked throughout high school and college learning all facets of magazine publishing. After my parents retired and the business was sold, I took everything I learned to heart and started a design and marketing business with my sister. Together, we built a diverse client base that later included a network marketing company called Arbonne. After my sister moved to Denmark and two years of focusing more and more time on this one client (not to mention repeated offers of employment), I decided to sideline my business and accept a full-time position. Over the next 12+ years, I helped this once-small company grow from less than 100,000 independent Consultants in two countries to over a million in four. I was blessed again to be involved in many areas of the business, and intricately in its growth. My role expanded from design and publications, to product marketing, to the creation and architecture of the website, to the formation of business development and international expansion. I am also very proud of the fact that I was one of four named inventors on the patent for the original anti-aging skincare line that continues today as Arbonne’s best-selling brand.

“I love all things beautiful and feel blessed once again to be a part of something extraordinary. I truly believe that all things happen for a reason and that all roads led me to where I am today. I love network marketing because of the power it gives people to create and be in control of their life. Add to that life changing products and Apriori Beauty became my next destined step. I love that I can do so much with it … the ability to positively affect people’s lives with products that not only help them to look and feel better, but can also open the door to personal success, should they choose to open it. I see Apriori Beauty as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, not only for me, but for so many that love all things beautiful too.”

As women ourselves, our vision was to create incredible anti-aging products that produced the results we all want and need. Products created with all things good — innovation and botanicals, and nothing bad — no toxic, controversial or unnecessary ingredients. Products that were so amazing that anyone who Used Loved and Shared them could also achieve personal success while building relationships and a business with like-minded people. A vision that we are proud to say is today Apriori Beauty!

The inspiration to create beauty through innovative products, passionate people and personal success was sparked in 2008 when our 3-point Mission Statement was penned. Today our vision thrives as thousands of Clients and Independent Consultants enjoy incredible products, with Consultants also enjoying an equally generous opportunity to achieve their definition of success.

When you look beautiful, you feel good. When you feel beautiful, you look good. And, when you can make a difference by sharing this beauty with others, you can feel good inside and out.