Our Consultants

Apriori Beauty has the most amazing Consultants! Each brings their own unique personality to the business, yet all together, they form a powerful community of helpful, supportive, enthusiastic and passionate individuals.

Congratulations to those profiled below — each promoted to Manager, and some also to a Director level with their persistence, passion and inner drive to succeed. >> Click on each to read their unique Consultant story ...

Kelli Benger
Manager | BREWSTER, MA

"The typical background bio for me goes something like this — I was born and raised in the Midwest, graduated high school in Nebraska and completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of South Dakota. From there, I moved to the East Coast and earned my Masters and Specialist degrees at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. I had an incredible career as a school Psychologist for four years in Queens, New York, followed by seven years at a high school in Bedford, New York. From there, I moved to Cape Cod to marry my husband! All that being said, none of this information really tells you who I really am. So, who's Kelli?

"I love life and want to live life to the fullest. I am extremely optimistic, vivacious and energetic, but I also inherited the family 'worry gene, so I am very thoughtful in my actions and the decisions I make.

"I simply cannot imagine my life without a few key components: my husband, my family and my friends. I try to surround myself with people who make me smile! And I smile a lot!

"There are also a few other things that are necessities to me and help make my life complete (even though they are rather superficial). None of these are particularly good for me, or my skin for that matter, but seriously, could you imagine life without a lounge chair in the sun, a huge cup of iced coffee [some of you may prefer it hot], an occasional slice of greasy pepperoni pizza, or some fabulously chilled champagne? And the list goes on (go ahead, think about your own indulgences). The answer is NO! No one wants to give up what they love! But I also cannot imagine looking in the mirror every day and watching myself age. So, I DONT!! I do what I need to do to take care of myself. I indulge in these 'necessities' in moderation, try to exercise and watch what I eat, and I Use, Love, Share Apriori Beauty.

"I found Apriori Beauty when the company was in its infancy, while looking for the best antioxidant supplement I could find. Actually, my brother found the company first, and knew he had to share it with his little sister. I am forever grateful for his never-ending desire to watch over me!

"To individuals who desire to build a business with this wonderful company, I would like to pass on the best piece of advice I received when I became an Apriori Beauty Independent Consultant ? Listen! My interpretation of this is: stop talking about the products and the company and the opportunity and listen to what your potential client/consultant wants to share with you, not what you want to share with them! Another suggestion I strongly urge other Consultants to do is to find a support network that you can rely on. There is no reason to feel like you are alone, just because you are in business for yourself. This is an exciting opportunity and adventure. And, it is so much better if you can 'share' your experiences along the way!

"Apriori Beauty doesn't only focus on the signs of aging ? but the process of aging. It is pure and it is innovative! And it is something I want to be a part of!

"I absolutely LOVE people and anticipate that all people are good! Maybe that explains the draw to Psychology. I truly believe Maya Angelou's quote, 'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.' Rather than attempting to 'sell' Apriori Beauty to people, I strive to help them feel appreciated and wonderful about themselves by 'sharing' the Products and the Opportunity with them. And, I share my personal experiences, too.

"Lifeoxylin Cellular Defense Elixir, Apriori Beauty's Antioxidant Supplement, has the highest ORAC Value of any antioxidant supplement drink available on the market, AND this is only ONE of the amazing products available to address the aging process! Like I said, I smile a lot, so 'personality' lines on my face around my lips and eyes are a concern. The Celloxylin Eye+Lip Age Eraser and the Derma Firm Illuminator skin machine, are absolutely phenomenal for my aging conerns!