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Lifeoxylin Cellular Defense Elixir Convenience 10-pack
Item #054 | $39.00 (BV 15) , Qty 10 — 1 oz single servings
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This pack includes 10 single servings and is perfect for traveling or taking Lifeoxyln with you on-the-go! Each eco-friendly packet is easy to open and drink. Just chill and serve!

1 oz serving of Lifeoxylin® Cellular Defense Elixir = 6 servings of fruits and vegetables, plus the anti-aging Nutrient Reservoir ingredients!

Apriori Beauty's approach to beauty begins from the inside out with Lifeoxylin® Cellular Defense Elixir. Life years ahead of common super antioxidant juice blends, Lifeoxylin delivers internally via the Nutrient Reservoir a unique combination of ingredients that support the four core influences of aging. This comprehensive nutritional supplement focuses on Nutrigenomics — the relationship between nutrition and the response of genes — to create a preventative approach to aging. Internally, cells are nourished and protected from this proprietary fruit, vegetable and exotic plant blend offering an unprecedented ORAC value, zero artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners.

Customer Reviews (2)

P. Yudelevit, MD - October 20, 2016

First of all, this elixir really is a super anti-oxidant. But I love the convenient travel sizes! They pack up so well - then I throw them in the hotel fridge or in the ice bucket! I never lose a day!

C. DeBano, CA - September 30, 2016

Easy way to take my Lifeoxylin with me when I travel--love this product and the convenience of the single size serving.