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Lifeoxylin Family Pack
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Enjoy Lifeoxylin Cellular Defense Elixir for the family with this convenient set of three bottles (each 30-day supply).

Apriori Beauty's approach to beauty begins from the inside out with Lifeoxylin® Cellular Defense Elixir. Life years ahead of common super antioxidant juice blends, Lifeoxylin delivers internally via the Nutrient Reservoir a unique combination of ingredients that support the four core influences of aging. This comprehensive nutritional supplement focuses on Nutrigenomics — the relationship between nutrition and the response of genes — to create a preventative approach to aging. Internally, cells are nourished and protected from this proprietary fruit, vegetable and exotic plant blend offering an unprecedented ORAC value, zero artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners.

*These statements have not be evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews (12)

C. Johnson, CA - September 21, 2016

Everyone in my family has 1 shot of Lifeoxylin in the morning. This is a good savings but I have to order 2 Family packs per month! Wish there were a 6-pack for even less.

Rebecca, PA - February 13, 2013

Here is another great testimonial about the Lifeoxylin Cellular Defense Elixir. My mother, who is in her mid 60s, just started taking the Lifeoxylin Elixir. She has been taking it regularly for the past 2 weeks. After week one, the pain in her elbow from years of tendinitis went away. The inflammation went down, and her elbow no longer had pain. Also, another great benefit, she went from having over 10 hot flashes a night to having less than 3 per night. She is finally able to sleep more soundly. The anti-oxidant rich, anti-inflammatory nutrients of this elixir has helped ease the nagging pains she has had for years. She is loving the Lifeoxylin and telling all of her friends about it. Now my dad is anxious to buy some for himself, too.

Natacha Flateau, DE - February 13, 2013

Two tablespoons each morning of the Lifeoxylin Cellular Defense Elixir has made such a difference in my body in just one month! It has strengthened my hair. Up until I started Lifeoxylin, my hair would shed like crazy in the shower when I washed it. I'm talking a handful of hair in the drain each time. Now there's maybe one or two strands - leftover in the drain each time AND THAT'S IT! My hair has grown immensely in the last month and it's so shiny and soft. This fabulous tasting Elixir has also done wonders to my nails. They are thicker and shinier and growing much quickly. It's become much more difficult to bite my nails now because they've become so strong! ;) My digestive system has become very efficient and I never get bloated or have any other tummy irregularities anymore! I get so much energy from the Elixir. Since I take my two tablespoons in the morning before I go to the gym, my workouts have become much more effective and I feel so good! The benefits of Lifeoxylin are amazing and I could go on and on about many different things it's done for me in the past month from preventing me from getting sick to helping my sinus problems to giving me an beautiful Apriori glow. But I'll keep it short and sweet. EVERYONE NEEDS LIFEOXYLIN!!! It will renew you from the inside out. I call it my magical potion and I love it!

Beverly Sage, FL - November 14, 2012

My 16 year-old daughter spends the summers with her Father. She is home with me now, and this morning as I poured her Elixir. She said " Mama, Daddy makes me take princess gummy bear vitamins, I told him he had to buy the Elixir because it is so much better for me." I am one proud Mama, my daughter is already an Apriori Fan!

Connie, MD - February 24, 2016

I had an unexpected benefit from using Lifeoxylin. A couple of weeks ago I did an intense weight lifting workout followed by 40 min on the thread mill doing intervals. The longer than usual workout put me behind schedule to get to work, and I rushed through my shower and ran out the door thinking .... "oh no I didn't take time to stretch!" Not stretching usually gives me a massive headache by the end of the day. But, I took 2 tablespoons of Lifeoxylin before heading to work, and I didn't have any stiffness or headaches that day, so I decided to test it out a few more times. It has worked every time. Anything that helps recovery from a intense workout is a great product in my book.

Maria, KS - July 18, 2015

Last week I was able to share Lifeoxylin with my networking group. Afterwards, two men came up and mentioned they were both trying to eat all of these fresh fruits for the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits. They were so excited to have an alternative that was a simple as a "swig a day". Plus, it's so much less expensive than trying to buy all that fresh fruit AND they are getting their veggies, too! One went home and signed up for autoship right away all by himself! Thanks, Apriori!

May 26, 2016

Lifeoxylin Cellular Defense Elixir is amazing. From the first day I started drinking it I’ve seen amazing results in my skin, and I’ve loved sharing the benefits with my friends. Thank you Apriori Beauty!

Brooke, CO - May 08, 2015

I am excited to share that Lifeoxylin is AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, MAGICAL and so much more! I am 5 months pregnant and the first 3 months would have killed me without Lifeoxylin. It helps with headaches, upset stomach, fatigue, and MORNING SICKNESS!!! Thank goodness for the amazing antioxidant Elixir, Lifeoxylin! It provides me daily with incredible amounts of energy, regularity and sanity; it just makes me feel wonderful everyday! I love all of the products from Apriori but this one I will never live without!

Lisa, CA - August 17, 2015

My mom has been drinking the Lifeoxylin Elixir and her arthritic knee complaints have completely gone away! She says that she started noticing that she did not have to wait until her painful and stiff knees adjusted to standing up after sitting with friends at lunch or at a movie. Now she can just stand and walk without pain and stiffness. She says the only thing that she has been doing differently is the Lifeoxylin!

Paul, CA - January 21, 2013

I am in the habit of taking a one-ounce serving of Lifeoxylin Elixir daily. I must say that I am amazed at how my joints are responding to exercise and the strain of daily yoga stretches. There is no doubt that I feel 20 years younger!

Melissa, NJ - August 04, 2015

I absolutely love Lifeoxylin Elixir! I don't miss my daily dose now that I have noticed a definite improvement in my skin and overall health since I have been consistently taking my dose every day. I have more energy, feel better and look better since starting my day with Lifeoxylin. I recently went on vacation and was worried that I my full sized bottle of Lifeoxylin would not survive the luggage monkeys handling my bags at the airports and I knew that the bottle was too big for carry-on. Not to worry! Apriori has thought of everything! I took one of the 6-days-a-week I+E sample boxes with me. No bottle breakage, I had a dose for each day, and I had the Celloxylin facial products for the days that I was away! Thank you, Apriori!

November 29, 2013

My favorite Apriori Beauty product is Lifeoxylin. It truly makes a difference in my day-to-day life. I have much more energy to keep up with my work, home, and children. On days that I forget to take it in the morning I feel tired and can’t wait to take it when I get home to get through the rest of my day.