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Item #025-WHW | $35.00 0 , 6 products with cosmetic bag
Save Discounted for Donation% (Reg. $145.00)
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Partner with Apriori Beauty to donate a skincare set to a woman in transition — This specially priced set purchase will be donated to Women Helping Women ( Their mission is to provide unemployed women the skills and resources necessary to get and keep a good job. This donation will also help a woman to look and feel confident with the complete Celloxylin Cellular Age Advantage system for face in a beautiful Pink Roses cosmetic bag.

Donated sets will be collected throughout April & May 2017, then delivered to on June 11, 2017 — National Making Life Beautiful Day! This item does not ship to purchaser.

Thank you for helping to make someone’s life more beautiful with this thoughtful donation.

Set In the Bag includes: Step 1. Crème Cleanse, 2.0 fl oz | 60 mL
Step 2. Activating Tonic,1.6 fl oz | 50 mL
Step 3. Firming Complex, .50 fl oz | 15 mL
Step 4. Eye+Lip Age Eraser, .35 oz | 10 g
Step 5. Day Defense Plus, Broad Spectrum SPF 25,1.0 fl oz | 30 mL
Step 5. Night Repair 3Deep,1.0 oz | 30 g

Item #044 | $35.20 (BV 21) , 4 oz | 113 g
Save 20% (Reg. $44.00)
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Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is in constant contact with and exposed to environmental elements. Over time, pores can become filled with pollutants and dirt that regular cleansings can’t reach, causing blemishes, dullness and other skin ailments. Treat your skin to the ultimate cleanse with Celloxylin® Pure Detox Purifying Masque. Cleanse, exfoliate, detoxify and pull out impurities with this potent combination of pumice, cleansing clays, nourishing and protecting Nutrient Reservoir™ ingredients, soothing botanicals and the Enviro-Extract™ blend, which removes and guards against exposure to the elements. Skin appearance is immediately improved, refreshed and luminous.

Exfoliates & Purifies — Skin cell turnover slows with age resulting in dull, rough looking skin, and clogged pores. Pure Detox exfoliates plus purifies by pulling out pollutants from the skin.

3 Types of Clay — Kaolin, Bentonite and exotic, French Montmorillonite clays rejuvenate skin with their high mineral content, while exfoliating, stimulating blood circulation, and removing debris from pores, resulting in a smooth, healthy glow!

Enviro-Extract™ blend — this active ingredient blend helps to remove additional heavy metals the skin is exposed to from the environment. It helps to chelate (attach to) heavy metals, remove toxins from the skin, and aids the skin in guarding against future oxidative environmental exposure.

Item #100 | $559.00 (BV 320) , 13 items + cosmetic bag
Save 20% (Reg. $743.00)
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This specially-priced set includes each of the Lifeoxylin® + Celloxylin® skincare, treatment and body products, including:

Lifeoxylin Cellular Defense Elixir, 30 fl oz | 887 mL

Celloxylin® Cellular Age Advantage set "In the Bag":
Celloxylin Crème Cleanse, 2.0 fl oz | 60 mL

Celloxylin Activating Tonic, 1.6 fl oz | 50 mL

Celloxylin Firming Complex, .50 fl oz | 15 mL

Celloxylin Eye+Lip Age Eraser, .35 oz | 10 g

Celloxylin Day Defense Plus, Broad Spectrum SPF 25, 1.0 fl oz | 30 mL

Celloxylin Night Repair 3Deep, 1.0 oz | 30 g

Celloxylin Hydro-Burst Moisture Intense Cleanse, 7.4 fl oz | 220 mL

Celloxylin Hydro-Burst Moisture Intense Lotion, 7.4 fl oz | 220 mL

Derma Firm Illuminator™ Treatment System:
Derma Firm Illuminator skin machine (with AC charger and 1-yr warranty)
PSR Next - Precision Skin Rejuvenator, 1 fl oz | 30 mL

Celloxylin® MD 20EX Acid Peel, 1.6 fl oz | 50 mL
Celloxylin® Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub, 6.0 fl oz | 180 mL

Item #105 | $132.00 (BV 80) , 7 items
Save 20% (Reg. $176.00)
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Add this completer set to the All-in-One, to save over 20% on one of every Apriori Beauty skin and body products. This set includes:

ProDermalin® Pure Basics, Gentle Cleanse, 3.0 fl oz | 89 mL
ProDermalin® Pure Basics, Calming Moisture, 3.0 fl oz | 89 mL
LifeoxyLean Weight Loss Accelerator, 60 tablets (30-day supply)
LifeoxyDream Sleep Mist, 60 servings, 1 fl oz. | 30 mL
ViViD Shampoo, 10 fl oz | 296 mL
ViViD Conditioner, 10 fl oz | 296 mL
ViViD Treatment Oil, 1 fl oz | 30 mL

Item #210 | $228.00 (BV 130) , 6 full size products
Save 20% (Reg. $285.00)
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Enjoy this complete set of six full-sized Celloxylin Cellular Age Advantage skincare system prodcuts for face with special, 20% off savings when purchased as a set. This 6 product, 5-step system set for face includes:

Step 1. Crème Cleanse 3.3 fl oz | 100 mL
Step 2. Activating Tonic 4.0 fl oz | 120 mL
Step 3. Firming Complex 1.0 fl oz | 30 mL
Step 4. Eye+Lip Age Eraser .52 oz | 15 g
Step 5. Day Defense Plus 1.3 fl oz | 40 mL
Step 5. Night Repair 3Deep 1.7 oz | 50 g

*This set purchase qualifies for the Derma Firm Illuminator Treatment System Special with Set Purchase, Item #029S-210. Save $109 on the Derma Firm illuminator when purchased with the full-size Celloxylin face set.

Item #400 | $44.00 (BV 30) , 1.6 fl oz | 50 mL
Save 20% (Reg. $55.)
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A pharmaceutical grade skincare treatment that is incredibly effective without a prescription. No needles or knives, just an advanced, innovative product that replaces expensive medical procedures and in-office treatments!

Celloxylin MD 20EX Acid Peel — just what the Doctor ordered for environmental damage and mature skin. Using the highest active levels possible without a prescription, this non-abrasive formula provides intensive 20% EXfoliation with a potent complex of glycolic acid, lactic acid, glucosamine, and encapsulated salicylic acid. This proprietary complex is clinically-proven to improve skin's appearance and texture and to reduce the signs of environmental aging, including wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and scarring. Soothing and calming ingredients help make this peel safe and effective, without long-term irritation. A natural alternative to professional treatments, this fast-acting peel provides immediate, visible results in the comfort of your own home. A fantastic alternative to professional treatments, skin is visibly transformed in the comfort of your own home!

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