Our Consultants

Apriori Beauty has the most amazing Consultants! Each brings their own unique personality to the business, yet all together, they form a powerful community of helpful, supportive, enthusiastic and passionate individuals.

Congratulations to those profiled below — each promoted to Manager, and some also to a Director level with their persistence, passion and inner drive to succeed. >> Click on each to read their unique Consultant story ...

Robin Thompson
Executive Director | REHOBOTH BEACH, DE

"I had never heard of Apriori Beauty before my sponsor, Louri Boilard, posted on Facebook asking if anyone was interested in receiving a Turn Back Time Capsule. I was in the market for new skincare and immediately emailed her asking about the products ... "What are they like?" She replied, "incredible and unlike anything in the market." I was intrigued, so I asked her to send me a sample. I received the time capsule, a catalog, and information about the opportunity. I had done two other network marketing companies, so I was in no way interested in doing this as a business, because I did not want to do parties. After looking through the catalog, I knew right away I was signing up as a Consultant and doing this business! The presentation of the Turn Back Time Capsule was smart and innovative; the concept of Use Love Share was brilliant; and the fact that I didn't have to do parties was fantastic. I could just share the time capsule and my family and friends could try our products in the privacy of their own bathroom.

"I tried the sample, fell in love with the skincare and signed up to be a Consultant the next day and placed my first order. I started writing down who I wanted to share this with.

After what seemed like an eternity (because I was excited), I received my products along with more samples and got to work!
"I have two young children, I work full-time as an occupational therapy assistant, and part-time as a realtor. Because of my schedule, I knew I had to make the most out of every day, so I organized myself the night before and planned out who I was going to call on my commute to and from work, and who I was going to talk to at work. I told everyone I called I had just started with a chemical free skincare company and asked if they would try a sample and give me their feedback in 3 days. Most of them said "Yes," and those who didn't, I did not take it personally ... I moved on to the next person.
"It was so simple to drop the sample in the mail or personally give it to them. I scheduled the follow-up with each person and tracked it on my phone with an alert to call them at the agreed to date and time. When I called, I still asked if it was a good time to talk, and if it was, I would say, "I am so excited to hear how much you loved our products." They loved them and would register themselves as a Client to place their order, or I would do it for them.

"In April, I went to Executive Director, Denise Hay's training in Philadelphia. Two things stuck with me from that training. Whether you love our products and are interested in becoming a Client ... OR you Use and Love our products and want to Share with family and friends to earn weekly retail commissions ... OR you Use and Love our products and want to build a business ... There's a place for everyone in Apriori Beauty! The other point that stuck with me was ... whatever I did each day for my business was enough. One sample, one Client, one new Consultant is enough. Many samples, many Clients, many Consultants is more than enough! I didn't have to stress if I wasn't doing enough, because I was.

"I was so excited that I called Amy West. She agreed to try the sample and to look over the opportunity information. She was with another company, but I knew she would love our products and business model. She did and immediately signed up as a Consultant, along with her Mom, Maggie Webb, and her sister, Abby Hoover. Now Amy is a Sr. Consultant!
"I had also given a sample to my son's little league coach, Natacha Flateau. She sent me an email a few days later saying she loved Apriori Beauty. She had already been on our website researching the company and was ready to become a Consultant. Now she's also a Sr. Consultant! That never happened with my previous company. My other personally sponsored Consultant, Sherri Hayden, was looking to earn a weekly commission and now she is able to do that.

"I love Apriori Beauty! I fit it in to my day. I'm having fun meeting new people and showing others how they can look great using safe products, and how they can earn an income by showing others how they can work it into their life and earn an income, too. I am very excited to be featured as the Great Start Consultant, but without my team and my Clients, it would never have been possible. Thank you to all of them for their support. I would also like to thank my sponsor, Louri Boilard, and Lisa Minogue for their continuous support."