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Apriori Beauty has the most amazing Consultants! Each brings their own unique personality to the business, yet all together, they form a powerful community of helpful, supportive, enthusiastic and passionate individuals.

Congratulations to those profiled below — each promoted to Manager, and some also to a Director level with their persistence, passion and inner drive to succeed. >> Click on each to read their unique Consultant story ...

Cari Burmaster
Executive Director | OVERLAND PARK, KS

After graduating with a French degree from the University of Kansas, I intended to pursue International Business. However, I ended up married and following my husband's career from state to state. As I always enjoyed math, I tried my hand as a Portfolio Analyst while living in Houston. However, I quickly found that sitting behind a desk crunching numbers was not for me. So, I landed in a sales position just to have the freedom of meeting new people all the time. When my first marriage ended, I moved back to Kansas to be close to my family. I soon met the love of my life, remarried and had two little girls. I started my first MLM business when I was pregnant with my first. And, although I never wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, I loved that I could be home with my children and still pursue a career.

I am an entrepreneur by heart. Since I was little, I've dreamed of being a successful business owner. And, while I have owned several businesses in the past and done fairly well, none have been what I would call "successful." When I found out about the Apriori Beauty opportunity from my sponsor, Jamie Howell, I knew it was what I had been looking for. I loved the simplicity of it — Use, Love, Share — it doesn't get much easier than that. I sampled the products and found them to be superior to anything else I had tried. My husband even commented on how wonderful my skin looked after just sampling the Turn Back Time Capsule! Once I knew I loved the products, I was confident that this was the right business for me.

Apriori Beauty allows me to explore my passion for being an entrepreneur and to help other women become confident and successful. It will also allow me to travel and spend more time with my family, since I can do so much of my business on the phone or via Facebook!

My inspiration is twofold. First, my family is so important to me. They bring me so much happiness and I want to provide the same for them in return. My husband, although successful in his business, works many long hours and doesn't have the chance to be around our girls as much as he would like. With our oldest starting Kindergarten next year, there will definitely be many new extra curricular activities that I know he would like to be involved in. So, my goal is to be able to help him cut back on his workload and spend more time with us. I also would love to show my girls the world and encourage education from many cultures, so travel will definitely be a part of our future. My second "Why" has to do with a trip to South Africa I made a few years ago. I was over there on business and got to see and experience first-hand the extreme poverty so many live in, as well as the amount of orphaned children. My heart broke on a daily basis. I saw single mothers standing on street corners with their young infants or toddlers begging for sustenance one could provide. I would love to get involved both physically and financially with an organization over there that works with the children.

I'm also inspired by all the amazing women out there who want to better themselves and follow their dreams. Growing up in Kansas, I didn't always feel I could realistically pursue all my dreams, one of which was to be an actor/model. I thought actors had to live in Hollywood and models had to be tall! But over the years, I met many women who didn't let that type of thinking hold them back and therefore, I started to realize that I wouldn't know if I could do it if I didn't try. And now I have a successful career as an actor, model and voiceover talent alongside my booming Apriori Beauty business, of course! I love meeting women who don't give in to negative thoughts in their head or comments made by others trying to hold them down. It fills me with such excitement to introduce women to an opportunity that can help provide them with means and confidence to do and be whatever they want.

I don't want to pick just one and you can't make me! Ha! I love them all, but if I had to narrow it down, I would have to pick two ? the 20EX Acid Peel and the Derma Firm Illuminator. Together, they have made such a marked difference in my skin tone and wrinkles that I want to shout it from the mountaintops!

Three things people may not know about Cari — she went to school in France, she has a part in the film "Up in the Air," and she can eat a whole carton of ice cream in one sitting ("Pathetic, I know!" says Cari). And, her husband makes her feel beautiful, as does a cute new outfit!

Team Photo, L to R: Susan Klaus, Stacey Oberzan, Cari Burmaster, Lori Lott, Angie Lickliter