Our Consultants

Apriori Beauty has the most amazing Consultants! Each brings their own unique personality to the business, yet all together, they form a powerful community of helpful, supportive, enthusiastic and passionate individuals.

Congratulations to those profiled below — each promoted to Manager, and some also to a Director level with their persistence, passion and inner drive to succeed. >> Click on each to read their unique Consultant story ...

Sheila Morrison
Manager | NEWARK, OH

You could say I love teaching. After graduating from college with a B.A. degree in English Education, I taught high school for two years before becoming involved in aviation. In 1972 I started flying lessons, which led me to become a Flight Instructor and Corporate Pilot. In 2006, I decided to take the next step and began training pilots in simulators at Flight Safety International, where I worked till I retired in 2013 and went from part-time to full-time Apriori Beauty Consultant.

Flying for all those years didn't leave me with much money for retirement. I joined Apriori Beauty in 2009 because first of all, I loved the way my skin felt after using the Celloxylin® Anti-Aging skincare line. I became an Apriori Beauty Independent Consultant shortly after, knowing that I could make money by sharing these products. The great news about the money was it was passive income. I didn't have to trade my hours for dollars like I had with my flying career. When I see another person learn that they no longer have to give up time with their children and family to earn an income, the smile on their face is priceless. In fact, I'm my happiest when I see someone else's life change because of their involvement with me on this fabulous journey.

One thing I've learned since becoming a Consultant is that people find me motivational when looking to expand on their own journey with Apriori Beauty. I love sharing what has worked for me, and more importantly, the failures I have experienced. There's always something to learn from each experience you encounter, whether it's positive or negative. I have a tendency to ferret out the problems and do my best to change what I'm doing until it works. The fun is failing until you succeed. It took me a long time to put failure behind me and move on. I enjoy sharing that the success with this business is recognizing the failures for what they are ... the steps that lead to success.

My favorite Apriori Beauty product is the Celloxylin® PSR Next. Once I added the PSR Next to my skincare regimen, I quickly learned how much my skin loved the way the PSR Next made it feel, and ever since then, I've been using it religiously. In addition to using it with the Derma Firm Illuminator, I also use it daily with the Celloxylin® Firming Complex to give my skin that flawless glow.

Apriori Beauty's co-Founders/Owners, Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck continuously inspire me by not only putting together this fabulous Company, but also closely working with us Consultants, and helping us in any way they can. Sharon Michaels has been my business coach for a couple years now and she keeps my feet to the fire and calls me out when I lose focus. My advice to others would be to find a company that meets your personal ideal and then hire a business coach who keeps you accountable. When I joined Apriori Beauty, I was a Corporate Jet Pilot. Other women find my choice of career either crazy or terrific. However, no matter how competent I was in the cockpit, I need these three women to keep me on the path that will lead me to the Platinum level I desire.