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Celloxylin Cellular Age Advantage Set
Item #210 | $189.60 (BV 105) , 5 full size products
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Enjoy four of the full-sized Celloxylin Cellular Age Advantage skincare system products for face with special, 20% off savings when purchased as a set. This set for face includes:

Step 1. Crème Cleanse 3.3 fl oz | 100 mL
Step 2. Activating Tonic 4.0 fl oz | 120 mL
Step 3. Firming Complex 1.0 fl oz | 30 mL
Step 4. Eye+Lip Age Eraser 0.52 oz | 15 g
Step 5. Night Repair 3Deep 1.7 oz | 50 g

PLEASE NOTE: Step 5. Day Defense Plus is temporarily unavailable and has been removed from this set. The price has been adjusted to reflect this change.

*This set purchase qualifies for the Derma Firm Illuminator Treatment System Special with Set Purchase, Item #029S-210. Save $109 on the Derma Firm illuminator when purchased with the full-size Celloxylin face set.

Customer Reviews (53)

A. Stoner, CA - December 12, 2018

I use the Celloxylin set. My bathroom is adorned with 6 beautiful bottles of magic!! Even after one day, my skin was smooth and soft. My favorite thing is to mix the cleanser with the scrub. Not only does my skin feel thoroughly clean, but my complexion has greatly improved! Thank you Apriori and thank you to my friend and consultant, Julia Cantu!!

Teri, CA - July 12, 2016

As a professional tennis umpire, I spend a lot of time out in the California sun. By about the halfway point of a week long tournament, my skin was so dry I felt like a prune. My friend Connie had given me a sample set of the Celloxylin Cellular Age Advantage Set, so I decided to give it a try. It worked miracles! I literally woke up the next morning feeling like a new person! My skin felt smoother and refreshed, not dry at all! I loved it so much that I decided right then and there to become an Apriori Beauty Consultant! I'm now one week into following this regime and my skin already looks amazing. Thank you for this awesome set of products! rn

Deborah Ellis, CA - March 01, 2016

Oh my! I love Apriori Beauty because of the way it looks and feels, and the way I feel when I use it. But I had an unexpected surprise when a taped interview I gave was aired. Knowing I was going to be filmed, I had Julia Cantu put on my makeup. I completed my basic cleansing and moisturizing and then Julia applied the Celloxylin EPIC. She proceeded to use NOTHING TO HIDE Pure Perfecting Veil as a base. When I saw my face after she was done, it looked better than it has in a long time, and that was after a huge improvement when I started using Apriori in general. My face glistened with life. It glowed. But the real surprise came when we saw the taped interview. If possible, my skin looked even better! I got calls about how beautiful I looked. I even tried enlarging the picture to see if I could see the flaws. They were minimized. I love the product and I am a huge fan of using all of the Celloxylin Cellular Age Advantage line, but in combination they are much greater than their parts!

February 23, 2016

I have suffered from extremely sensitive skin my entire life. I have eczema, and have always been very limited on which skin care lines I can use. I know this from my own personal trial and error. That being said, I am never one to jump into the newest skin care line on the market , as I know that it will usually not work out for me. 2 years ago I began to use Bare Minerals and I really like the makeup, so I figured I had better stick with the skin care line as well. Several months ago I noticed that I frequently broke out along my jawline and my skin felt very "heavy " and dirty . I could feel large bumps under my skin as if they had not yet turned into blemishes on top of my skin. I met a new "mommy friend” who is the mom of my sons schoolmate. I soon learned that she was an Apriori Beauty skincare Consultant. I had never heard of Apriori Beauty, and the first few times she mentioned it, I said "no thank you" I was NOT looking for a new skin care problem :). But I just wanted to be her friend. She would always say ok, and smile. She was never, ever pushy and she never made me feel pressured. One day, almost 6 months ago, I was very unhappy with the way my skin felt so I called her. I explained to her that I was not happy with my skin, I am 41 and should not have break outs on my jawline! She said okay I understand and I can help you. I explained to her that my skin felt dirty and clogged up... If that makes sense. I purchased the Celloxylin Cellular Age Advantage set and started using it immediately. My skin felt light, clean and refreshed in the first week, my skin cleared up. 6 weeks into my use of Apriori Beauty products, I had to travel. So I decided to leave my Apriori at home to save it and, instead, used my previous skin care to travel with. Well, within a week, my skin was broken out, itchy and my skin felt very dirty. When I returned home I resumed with my Apriori Celloxylin Cellular Age Advantage line, morning and night! My skin cleared up and had a clean, toned feeling!! I had the opportunity to see how my skin reacted when I stopped using Apriori Beauty and I did not like it. My makeup goes on smoother and I feel pretty when I use this skin care! I find that it gives me more self-confidence and I end up smiling more!! Which is boost to the self-esteem of any newly 40ish, mother of 3, right? I am very happy that I decided to give it a try!

October 28, 2015

I just started using the Cellular Age Advantage Set last night and this morning. With only 3 hours of sleep, due to a sick baby, I really didn’t think I could get up in the morning and actually look ready for the day. Then I discovered after using the Cellular Age Advantage Set that my face and skin looked so refreshed. I looked like I got 12 hours of sleep and not like I got ran over by a truck and then punched in the eyes. Oh and, no extra concealer needed... I'm really impressed so far!

Dawn F, PA - July 22, 2015

I just tried the Celloxylin Cellular Age Advantage skincare and it was wonderful. I woke up the next morning and my skin felt so soft. I couldn't believe the overnight results. I am so happy I signed up as a Consultant. Thank you!

Barbara French, CA - July 08, 2015

Fantastic products! Who would think that a 73-year-old woman would find real products that would make a huge difference in my skin at this point in my life? I'm living proof that they do exist. I'm telling everyone I know about Apriori Beauty skincare products!

Eva Segal, CA - December 26, 2014

Since I started using Apriori Beauty, my skin feels smooth and soft. I don't even need to wear make up everyday, just light foundation, and I'm ready to go. For the holidays, I decided to purchase the Derma Firm Illuminator as a present for myself - I could hardly wait! I love these products, and I love sharing them with everyone I talk to.

Sheri Vogan, CA - December 17, 2014

Every year during the holidays, my skin becomes dull and blemished from stress, fatigue and too many rich foods. Since I began faithfully using the Apriori Beauty's skincare products, my skin has remained clear and fresh-looking no matter how much I overdo or overindulge. Santa, please fill my stocking with Apriori Beauty!

Cheryl von Kleist - November 26, 2014

I have never been a soap and water girl but instead have always used quality skin care products since I was in high school. So, one would think switching brands would not make much of a difference - unless you are switching to Apriori Beauty's Celloxylin® Anti-Aging Skincare! After using the Cellular Age Advantage system and Celloxylin® Pure Detox Masque just once, my skin was already looking and feeling different. My lines were softer, my skin brighter and more even toned. I will turn 58 in a couple of weeks and this is the first time I feel like I can actually go out without heavy foundation. My skin looks and feels amazing! I became an Apriori Beauty Consultant because everyone needs to experience these products. After seeing my skin from one application, I can only imagine what this product would do for a soap and water kind of girl. I can't wait to find out!

Katrina Pringle, VA - August 05, 2014

Three weeks ago I shared an Celloxylin sample strip with a gentleman that kept scratching at his beard. That gentleman called me last night asking for more of everything I had given him. He said his ingrown hairs had resolved in two days with Celloxylin and his skin looked brighter. He placed an order for Celloxylin "In the Bag" and the Body+Scrub set on monthly autoship! Apriori Beauty skincare is gender neutral - share it with everybody, and they will love it.

Lisa Champion, CA - April 16, 2014

My name is Lisa Champion and I believe in Apriori Beauty. A little background on me: I am a 48-year-old mixed chick, who has had acne out breaks since I was in high school. My face was so oily you could fry an egg on it and I have 2 kids that left surprises on my face after pregnancy (pregnancy mask). I started using the Celloxylin Cellular Age Advantage line in August of 2013. Because I had tried so many product and I had found one that seem to be working I was reluctant to change for fear that my skin wouldn't rebel. After a few months I notice that some of my dark coloration on my face had lightened and my skin looked different. It wasn't oily and the texture of my skin changed. It was smooth looking and felt awesome. Even my clients were commenting on what great skin I had. (That's never happened!) the best part about it is that the Celloxylin makes my make up look better. So now I can say "I love Apriori Beauty" and my skin speaks for itself. Thank you so much!

Brenda Adelman, CA - April 16, 2014

I started using Apriori Beauty over a year ago and there is nothing else that makes my face feel as good! I've used certain name brand products that I can get at the mall and they just don't compare. They all have ingredients that don't make my skin feel fresh, clean and quenched. I keep coming back to Apriori Beauty because I truly don't believe there is anything else on the market at this price point that is better for my skin.

April 16, 2014

I have been using the Celloxylin Cellular Age Advantage 5-step set for a little over a month, and I can't say enough about how great these products are. They have made such a difference in the appearance, texture and feel of my skin. This, in turn, has made such a difference in my confidence. I have suffered from eczema since I was a baby. I have tried many products to treat this, but nothing ever seemed to work. So I just lived with the eczema. Recently, the eczema on my face was very bad. My face had many scaly, dry, red, irritated patches on it. The patches were constantly peeling, and they just looked awful. One morning as I was cuddling with my 3-year-old son, he looked up at me and said, "Mama what’s wrong with your face?" It brought a tear to my eye because every mother wants to be beautiful in the eyes of her children. I immediately thought enough is enough! If my skin is so bad that my 3-year-old is noticing it then it is time to do something about it and time to make an investment in myself. That is when I invested in the Apriori Beauty products that I had been told about by my dear friend, who is an Apriori Beauty Consultant. It took about 3 weeks for my skin to undergo a major transformation, and now my skin looks beautiful. The redness is gone. The irritation is gone. The peeling skin is gone. The dryness is gone! There are no eczema patches anymore. My skin is now smooth and evenly toned. My pores are all noticeably smaller. Sometimes when I just happen to touch my face throughout the day, I'm actually surprised that it is my face because my skin has never been this soft. Prior to using these products, I also had what my dermatologist called Milia. It looked like a whitehead right in the middle of my right cheek. The dermatologist said that I would need to have it extracted to get rid of it. It was gone within 2.5 weeks of using the Celloxylin Cellular Age Advantage Set! Like I said I can't say enough about these products. I feel confident about my skin for maybe the first time ever in my life, and that has been such a gift! Thank you, thank you, thank you Apriori Beauty for these wonderful products!

Viktoriya Malayev, MI - August 21, 2013

I am writing on behalf of my mom who unfortunately is in hospital. My mom is not skin care person at all. She never was consistent in her daily regimen and often was missing steps. For last four days I have been applying the Celloxylin Cellular Age Advantage set on her. What a change! I definitely see dramatic improvements of lines and wrinkles around mouth, eyes, cheeks and overall appearance and health. Apriori Beauty really works! Even a friend of my mom's complimented on her skin during a visit. So happy I could bring a smile on my mom face. Thank you Apriori Beauty for amazing products!

Judith Vance, AZ - July 24, 2013

I have been using Apriori Beauty since April 2012, including the Celloxylin Face (5-steps) daily and the Treatment line intermittently. I am allergic parabens and SLS and probably phthalates. Apriori Beauty is the only skincare line I have used with great success. I do not have before and after pictures but everyone is amazed at my absence of wrinkles and smoothness of skin overall from the micro-scrub. I look forward to showing everyone my before+after photos in a year from my neck down to my cleavage!

Beth, IL - April 24, 2013

I temporarily stopped using Apriori because I ran out. I used up old miscellaneous product I had on hand. WOW, was there a big, bad difference. I thought I was the only one who would notice. Wrong! My husband complimented my skin three days after I started using my the 5-Step Celloxylin products again. And, that's not all. Four more friends commented on how great my skin looked within a week of "reactivation". This is proof-positive that it really works!

Shanda Sage, CA - April 24, 2013

My mother-in-law just finished her first week of the Celloxylin 5-step system. She can't believe the results! Around her lips, the creases in her chin and around her lips and laugh lines are the parts of her face that have been bothering her the most. She has tried several retinal creams and microodermabrasions that have left her red and flaky with not much improvement. Just 7 days on the Celloxylin 5-step system has giving her better results than 6 months on her retinal cream. The deep lines have significantly improved, her pore size decreased and the texture is softer and feels great! Thanks Apriori!

Shanda Sage - April 24, 2013

My husband turned 41 yesterday and for his birthday I got him the Celloxylin 5-step system. He was a little hesitant of the amount of products and time but after seeing his before picture he was motivated. He wasn’t even aware how bad the lines had got around his eyes. Just after 5 days of using the Celloxylin system, he saw major improvement in the wrinkles around his eyes and the texture. We were both stunned and amazed how quickly and significantly the products worked. He is no longer concerned about how many and how often he has to use the products. And he’s even using them without encouragement, a picture tells a thousand words. Thanks Apriori!

Jane Trail, MD - April 04, 2013

For the last few years, I have been on a mission to find a skin care line that my middle-aged skin could tolerate. I have probably tried over 25 different lines of skin care products from trendy specialty stores to online companies to drug store brands. My experiences included products that irritated my skin with burning and swelling or produced unsightly bumps and breakouts on my face, or left me with a heavy, suffocating feeling, or to the most extreme experience of complete hormonal imbalance from a very popular, expensive, and trendy brand. I recently was introduced to Apriori Beauty and finally my search was over. When I first applied the Celloxylin Skin Care products, I felt a calming and enriching experience. I almost immediately noticed plumping around my smile lines and crows feet that lessened the appearance of my middle-aged wrinkles. There were no breakouts or bumps or no burning or swelling, and no hormonal imbalance. Within 6 days of use, I was confident and happy with Apriori Beauty . .. So much so, that I decided to commit to not only being a customer but also to commit to becoming an Apriori Beauty Consultant. And this will be my intro letter to my "friends and family".

Michele E. Davis, MFA, PhD, MN - March 20, 2013

My name is Michele E. Davis. I was that 1980s teen who slathered baby oil all over my body and basked in the sun and I continued to dis-respect my skin until after I turned 30. Prior to 1998 I was a soap and water, astringent, and cheap night cream from Marshall's user. Falling in love with Z. Biggati from Saks, was my first experience with more expensive products. Then the product line left Saks, and Minneapolis, MN in general. I spent about $1000/year on just several products for my face from their line and continued to use Witch Hazel as an astringent. After that, I starting using the Barcelona brand Nutura Bisse. That was another product I loved, and I used that product for five years before Neimans in Minneapolis stopped carrying it. I spent about $1200/year on only a day and a night cream of theirs. Two years ago I started using Le Metier from France, also available from Neimans. Again, I spent $650/year for night cream only all the while supplementing with Witch Hazel and Clairins facial products that I found on clearance at Marshall's. Then, Karen Fishman sent me Apriori samples in January 2013. I loved them! Apriori rivaled all my favourite products and the whole facial product set was less expensive then what I had been paying for Department Store night and day cream plus Marshall's seconds to fill in my skin care regime. I've seen diminished crows feet and my facial skin looks radiant and feels well-hydrated. Apriori products are actually better for my skin than all the expensive brands I had tried in the past. I thrilled that Apriori is a better product at a lower cost.

March 20, 2013

I have been using the Cellular Advantage set for over a month now. I can tell the difference already - not only myself, but friends and family as well. I was at my sister's the other night and she told me how smooth my face looks. Today, I saw a friend I haven't seen in a while, she told me "you look really good," this really made my day. So it must be working if people are noticing. I bought the 30-day set and am planning to continue with the larger sizes. I know this will save me from having painful and expensive surgery. I'm happy that I chose to try something different than what I have been using. I do plan on trying the other products Apriori Beauty has. Thank you so much for the great product.

Tiffany Barnes, CA - March 20, 2013

I can't wait to get my products! I was so amazed at how good my skin felt after one application. Then after using the sample for three! All of a sudden it didn't matter that I still had 3 tubes of my previous cleanser. I want to feel Apriori Beautiful!

Pam Chiapparine, CA - March 20, 2013

I started using the Celloxylin Cellular Age Advantage line about 2 years ago. My skin looks younger and my pores have tightened, something I thought would never happen. The Eye+Lip Age Erase is a product I can NOT do without. Thank you Apriori Beauty for your great products. I encourage and tell everyone to try them and without fail, they become hooked!

Anita Lewis, NY - March 13, 2013

I recently sold a full size Celloxylin Cellular Age Advantage Set to one of my best friends. She used the sample and loved it. I followed up with her to see if she wanted to order and she said "yes". She said I went to use the rest of my sample and she said to her husband "oh no" I do not have anymore, what I am going to do. She said "this stuff is like crack" and I really need it (I busted out laughing) and took her two more samples until her products were received. She is a true Apriori customer. Thank you for introducing such a wonderful product.

Carmen Altiery, MA - February 06, 2013

I love these products and cannot go to bed without cleaning my face with my five steps, finishing with the night cream. Every morning my face looks rejuvenated and fresh. I love Apriori Beauty products.

Jeff Waters, FL - November 14, 2012

Although men traditionally spend less time caring for their skin than women do, they do spend more time damaging their skin through outdoor activities and hazardous work conditions. Men's skin care products have come a long way from the days when your Dad would wash his face with a bar of soap and cover up shaving nicks with bits of toilet paper. Today, there are an overwhelming amount of products specially formulated to meet the needs of a man's skin. But navigating your way through all of grooming products out there can be intimidating and complicated not to mention expensive. That's what is so great about Celloxylin's 5-step system- it's not fussy or time consuming. It's a winning skin care regimen that's swift and simple and easy to follow. You can check your OLD12-step program at the bathroom door, because achieving better skin for MEN takes just 5 easy steps with APRIORI. After 3 months of using it, my skin has never looked better!

Paula Yudelevit, MD - November 14, 2012

I hope you aren't tired of hearing about men. My significant other went camping in Smoke Hole, WV this past weekend. I stayed home (the dogs and all...heehee). He packed up the tent, Coleman lanterns, stove, sleeping bag, flyfishing pole, and Apriori! He packed up the travel size Celloxylin Creme Cleanse, Activating Tonic and Day Defense Plus, as well as, 2 sample size Lifeoxylin Cellular Defense Elixirs. Now that's what I call roughing it!

Lara, FL - March 16, 2015

I have been using the Celloxylin now for about 6 months and my skin has improved tremendously. I have noticed that the wrinkles and fine lines have smoothed out and even my make-up goes on better and looks nicer. Thank You Apriori!!

Kina, CO - April 10, 2013

I have been using the Celloxyn 5 step program for over 2 months now. I have rosacea and was very skeptical, since many products irritate my rosacea. The Celloxyn products have worked very well with my skin, and I have not had any issues with my rosacea!

Lara, FL - June 26, 2016

I am absolutely thrilled at the results I am experiencing from the Celloxylin Products. I have very sensitive skin and cannot use just any old thing on my skin. I was using another face wash and moisturizer and it created red, itching, burning dry patches on my cheeks. Within 2 days of using the Celloxylin from a sample capsule the redness, burning and itching disappeared needless to say I was sold! I love the products and my skin has never looked better even the brown skin spots are now fading....WooHoo!

Georgia, FL - June 06, 2016

First I have to tell you all that I am over the age of 65. There ... I said it! I have been an Independent Consultant with Apriori Beauty for nearly 3 months and have been using our Celloxylin Cellular Age Advantage Set everyday since it arrived in the mail. Today I was out to lunch with a younger lady friend who asked me what my secret was because my skin looked so good! There is nothing more you say ... you already know the rest of the story!

Val , CT - June 06, 2016

My friend just posted this to Facebook: "..I feel like a ridiculous and cliche infomercial, but that stuff is truly remarkable! We were at a birthday party and a mom I had never met thought I was Kate's teenaged sister. I'm officially hooked and you're my supplier!"

Carole, KS - December 03, 2015

I have been using the skin care and I hardly recognize myself! It is phenomenal!

Deborah , CA - June 19, 2014

I was given a sample of the Celloxylin regimen and the Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub; I have some adult acne and my face completely cleared up after 3 days of using the samples. I was floored by how amazing my face and skin felt. My skin was smooth and glowing. I will be sharing this new product with all my friends, family, and people I meet. Thank you Apriori Beauty!

terry guyer - January 22, 2015

I JUST started using Apriori Beauty a short time ago. I was introduced to this wonder product by a friend of mine — I had notice a change in her skin and after commenting on this she told me about Apriori Beauty. She then gave me a Turn Back Time Capsule to try. Well, that was the being of my skin story ... I went on a blind date and the gentleman was staring at me. I asked him why, and he said, "you have the most beautiful skin!" I was stunned. No one has ever told me this before. I feel good about my skin and I look so amazing. Thank you Apriori Beauty!

Meredith Poppish - December 08, 2013

I gave a Turn Back Time Capsule to a co-worker with rosacea. She had been seeing a dermatologist and had tried four different prescriptions but nothing was helping her. When I bumped into her a few days later at work, I was AMAZED by her skin. She was no longer red and peeling! She had tears in her eyes and gave me a big hug saying her skin had never looked or felt so good — and that was only after three days!!! I LOVE how this has given her more confidence again — making her more beautiful inside and out! Thank you Apriori Beauty!

Mary, MO - January 28, 2013

I was using another anti-aging line and noticed that as time went more wrinkles just kept showing up. At the end of each day my face felt tired; my eyes were more sagging and I looked haggard. After using Celloxylin overnight I noticed a softer, more hydrated face. After using it for two weeks, my face was back baby! That's what I'm talking about!

Patti Ray, IN - August 27, 2015

I knew my skin looked better to me but imagine my surprise when my boss (who knows I'm using Apriori Beauty) told me he can tell a difference in my skin too!! Amazing!

Shynel, MO - October 24, 2014

I was using another anti-aging line before Apriori Beauty. Within the past few months, I started having a reaction and breaking out. I have NEVER broken out in my I started thinking it was maybe adult acne. I tried everything to stop the breakouts, but nothing worked. I used Apriori Beauty and within 1 skin cleared all the way up! I couldn't believe it. I'm now hooked :) Thanks Apriori Beauty for making my skin beautiful again!

Nicole, IN - April 03, 2013

I had been using the Celloxylin Anti-Aging line day and night for about 5 days. My skin is normally splotchy, red, and prone to break-outs, so I noticed a difference immediately. The 5th day after using the products, I went shopping with a friend and she commented on how great my skin looked, so I told her all about Apriori Beauty. Now, I knew there was a significant difference in my skin; however, it did not occur to me how much of a difference there truly was until I began to wash my face that evening, and realized that I had absolutely FORGOTTEN TO PUT ON MY FOUNDATION that morning! That is huge for me because of my skin tone and the condition of my skin prior to Apriori. I would never have gone out without foundation or powder on my face. It was totally shocking to me when I remembered that I didn't get the foundation on because I was waiting for the Day Defense Plus cream to sink in. I had moved on to my eye make-up, and never got back to the foundation! Amazing! I LOVE these products!

Bettye, ME - July 17, 2013

I purchased the entire line of skincare products, including the Derma Firm Illuminator, the end of September 2010. About the same time I began using powder mineral makeup, but stopped because at that point my skin tone was so uneven, the makeup didn't provide enough coverage. I tried the makeup again after using Celloxylin for about 4 months and my skin looks really nice. I'm 63 years old and I've used skincare products, both expensive and otherwise, all of my life. Apriori Beauty is the best I've ever used. I especially love the Micro Scrub. Apriori is amazing!!!

August 24, 2014

Wow! That's all I can say about the Celloxylin Anti-Aging system. I have never been able to use an anti-aging system without experiencing tremendous breakouts until now. This is an answer to my prayers! Being 37 yrs old, having sun damage and struggling with acne is a challenge for me when trying to use anti-aging products. I recently tried Apriori products because a friend was asking me to try them – little did she know that I said yes only so I could prove to her that they would not work for me like they do for her flawless complexion. I received the Turn Back Time Capsule and used it on one side of my face so that I wouldn't have extensive breakout damage. I was shocked to see an improvement – my face was not only clearer on that side but it was glowing! My 7 yr old daughter, who knows Mommy has problems with acne, commented that my face looked smooth, and other people could clearly see the difference when I told them I was using the products on one half my face! I am super excited to see what my skin will look like once I try the rest of the product line. I have given samples to several of my friends with similar aging/acne problems and they are having the same AWESOME results! Thank you Apriori Beauty!

October 23, 2015

I wanted to let you know about what Apriori has done for my skin. I had several dry, peeling patches on my face where I’ve had pre-cancerous skin burned off. I've had them treated repeatedly, but they always reappear. After using Apriori Beauty products, however, the patches seem to have disappeared! I find it very interesting because the Obagi products I used for so long didn't do a thing. My doctor was talking about laser treatments to help get rid of the patches, but now I won't have to. Thanks!

Lisa, CA - July 20, 2013

Hands down, the greatest thing about Apriori is that it makes me want to use it! It's been so hard accepting that I need to get into the routine of taking care of my skin, but Apriori makes it easy by making me love to use the products! Morning and night, I can't wait to wash my face! I'd pick washing my face over wearing make-up to work in a heartbeat if I'm running late in the morning! And with this line, I need the make-up less and less each day! Thank you, I'm SO happy!

JuliAnn, CA - September 21, 2015

My career as a speaker and wardrobe consultant has me in front of people and an overall appearance of health and "being put together" is essential to my business. In the past I have done botox and fillers for my skin. When I went in for my last regularly scheduled appointment, the nurse said "you don't really need any touch-ups right now. Your skin is plump and healthy looking." After I had been using Apriori for about 2 months I went in for a facial and my esthetician exclaimed, "What have you done to your skin?" I smiled and told her about the amazing line of skin care I am now using! Thanks Apriori Beauty - with less need for professional treatments you are saving me money in the long run.

June 10, 2014

Thank you for doing what you do best - Cutting edge products! I have had cystic acne for years and have tried everything possible in all sorts of combinations. Since starting on Celloxylin four weeks ago, my skin has never looked this clear or felt so soft. I can't quit feeling my face! I am so excited about Apriori's opportunity and the products that I can't wait to get up and out the door everyday to share them! Thanks again for making the best products I have ever tried and making my life Beautiful! Blessings-

December 09, 2015

I am completely enamored with all of Apriori Beauty's products. As a manager for a prestige brand cosmetic counter, I have experience with high-end skincare. I also have very sensitive skin, and haven’t been able to find a skin care line that doesn't cause me to develop a rash on my body and face. It is amazing to be able to use Apriori Beauty products without any adverse reaction. Even the women at the counter I work at have noticed the improvement and say I look years younger than I am! I cannot thank you enough – thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ellen, WA - February 01, 2014

Three months ago I was introduced to a skin care line which really produces results, Celloxylin from Apriori Beauty. Within one week of use the lines around my eyes and mouth were reduced and my skin had a brighter, healthier glow. I was amazed that at age 73 I could see such an improvement in only 7 days. When I look into the mirror I definitely want skin that glows ... dull skin is for someone else. Do I like Apriori ... no, I LOVE it!!!

Wendy, CA - August 08, 2013

I love the Turn Back Time Capsule ... it is a great chance to try the products, and once you do, there's no going back! It is the perfect size for a weekend trip and airline friendly! Thanks Apriori!

Marsha, CA - August 26, 2013

At 52 I've been convinced that it is a must to wash your face in the evening. I have been doing so for the past two weeks. My skin feels and looks better because of these nightly washes and my Apriori Beauty products. I feel like I have had a facial every day! Thank you for helping me take care of myself!

March 21, 2016

Since I first started using the Apriori Beauty products three months ago, I have had on three separate occasions had someone ask me what I was using on my skin because it looked so good! Needless to say, I’m hooked!

Natalie, CA - October 12, 2015

I cannot express my enthusiasm for Apriori Beauty! I love, love all of our products! I can't seem to go without a day/night of my Celloxylin skin care regimen. I used soap and water before Apriori, and what a difference it makes! I love the way it makes me feel, the way I look with the extra Apriori glow. I love the way it smells and I feel younger each time I use the products. I use everything. I have received many compliments that my skin looks healthy and beautiful. Honestly, I can't choose a favorite product. They are all my favorite!! Apriori Beauty couldn't have come at a better time in my life.