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Celloxylin Step 5. Day Defense Plus, Broad Spectrum SPF 25
Item #005 | $48.00 (BV 30) , 1.3 fl oz | 40 mL
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• Protects against both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays • Lightweight, non-greasy formula • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles while protecting skin

Broad spectrum, UVA and UVB protection is a given with this ultralight moisturizer that helps defend against daily exposure with SPF 25. The anti-aging Nutrient Reservoir ingredients deliver and wrap each cell with botanicals and elements that nourish and protect and defy aging throughout the day. This lightweight, non-greasy formula dries down quickly and is perfect for daily use, even under makeup.

Already have some damage? Peptides minimize the appearance of wrinkles while Acetyl Glucosamine, Hydroxyproline, and Hyaluronic Acid support skin health and structure.

Celloxylin® works at the cellular level to reduce the visual signs of aging and proactively nourish and protect cells from oxidative stress.

Daily. Apply generously to entire face, neck and décolleté. Helps prevent sunburn. if used as directed with other sun protection measures, decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun. Apply evenly 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply after 40 minutes of swimming or sweating; immediately after towel drying; at least every 2 hours. Warnings: For external use only. Do not use on damaged or broken skin. When using this product keep out of eyes. Rinse with water to remove. Stop use and ask a doctor if rash occurs. Keep out of reach of children. If product is swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

Active ingredients (purpose - Sunscreen): Avobenzone 3%, Homosalate 3%, Octisalate 3%, Octocrylene 2.79%. Inactive Ingredients: Acetyl Glucosamine, Acetyl Octapeptide-3, Acrylamide/Sodium Acryloyldimethyltaurate Copolymer, Angelica Polymorpha Sinensis Root Extract, Betaine, Butylene Glycol, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Caffeine, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Caprylyl Glycol, Carnitine HCL, Cetearyl Olivate, Cetyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Fragrance*, Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate, Glycyrrhetinic Acid, Hexylene Glycol, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydroxyproline, Isohexadecane, Lecithin, Linoleic Acid, Lycium Barbarum (Goji Berry) Fruit Extract, Mica, Oleic Acid, Palmitic Acid, PEG-100 Stearate, Pentylene Glycol, Petasites Japonicus Root Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Phytosteryl Canola Glycerides, Polyethylene, Polysilicone-11, Polysorbate 80, Potassium Sorbate, Resveratrol Acetate, Rhodiola Rosea (Golden Root) Extract, Silica, Sorbitan Oleate, Sorbitan Olivate, Stearic Acid, Sucrose, Tocopherol, Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp (Mushroom) Extract, Triolein, Ubiquinol, Water (Aqua), Xanthan Gum.*Fragrance made up of all-natural ingredients.

Key Ingredients

Lyceum Barbarum Fruit Extract (Goji Berry) — super antioxidant
Tremella Fuciformis (Mushroom) — extraordinary moisturizer, antioxidant
Resveratrol — cellular regenerator, anti-inflammatory
Acetyl Glucosamine — skin brightener, moisturizer; provides connective tissue support


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  • Contains the NutrientReservoir™, which protects and nourishes skin cells by addressing the 4 core influences of aging: Oxidative Stress, Genetics, Hormonal Fluctuation, and Mitochondrial Function.

  • Lightweight, non-greasy formula dries down quickly and is perfect for daily use, even under makeup.

  • A potent combination of natural and performance ingredients provide broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

  • Sulfate, Paraben, and synthetic fragrance free! Gentle and effective formula perfect for all skin types.

Do I need UV protection when it is cloudy outside?

YES!!! UV radiation can cause damage even when the sun isn’t shining. It is essential to wear SPF protection anytime you are going to be outside, as sun damage is one of the largest contributors to the visible signs of aging. It is also important to be aware that UV exposure doesn’t only happen from above; water and snow reflect sunlight, increasing exposure in certain conditions.

How much skin damage does sun exposure cause?

According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, 90% of skin cancer and environmental aging are caused by sun damage. This number is much too large to ignore - wear sunscreen, it is an essential step protecting skin health and preventing premature aging.

What are the differences between day and night moisturizers? Do I really need both?

Both products are incredibly hydrating and formulated to help protect and nourish skin by delivering the NutrientReservoir™ to cells. There are a few differences between the Day Defense + and Night Repair 3Deep that make them more appropriate for day and night use, respectively; it is common for moisturizers to be formulated differently for day and night use, with the primary differences being thickness and SPF value. Day moisturizers are often lighter than nighttime moisturizers so that they absorb more quickly and can be worn under makeup. They also include SPF ingredients to ensure skin is protected from UV radiation. Nighttime moisturizers are often thicker to prevent transdermal water loss while we sleep. Nighttime is also a good opportunity to use a moisturizer that is highly nourishing or incorporates ingredients to target specific skin care conditions, as this is when the majority of skin repair and regeneration take place.

Customer Reviews (13)

S. Stout, NY - December 05, 2017

This product has become my go to daytime moisturizer. It goes on smooth, absorbs immediately, and leaves my skin non-greasy! I can't say this for any other day time product I've tried. And the SPF is a pure bonus!!

N. Walsh, CA - September 21, 2016

I absolutely love that the Step 5. Day Defense PLUS has SPF because I won't use any over the counter products. I feel good about sharing it with others, knowing it's 100% safe. I also love that it's light, and last a long time. #aprioricagirl

Kathy , IL - June 28, 2016

I HAD to share with you how fantastic the Celloxylin Cellular Age Advantage Step 5. Day Defense PLUS SPF is. It protected me from the California sun on my vacation earlier this month! We were in the San Francisco area, spending two hours or so on a beach. The temperature was only in the upper 60s, but it was beautifully sunny. I used my Step 5. Day Defense PLUS SPF on my face, neck, and teenage daughter and husband used nothing (despite my warnings). My skin was still in great condition at day's end - smooth, soft, healthy. My daughter and husband were so sunburned! Thank you for this great product!

Sigal Zoldan, CA - October 28, 2015

I have enjoyed Apriori Beauty products for the last 3 years. Especially the Step 5. Day Defense Plus SPF 25, Step 4. Eye + Lip Age Eraser and the Enzyme Activate Micro Scrub. I appreciate the fact that Apriori Beauty products are non-toxic and simply clean. A few years ago, I had an allergic reaction on my face which helped me realize that my body REALLY DOESN'T LIKE lotions with chemicals in it. I wanted to respect my body's wish and Apriori Beauty Products helps me do that. I love how these products make my skin feel. The combination of my skin feeling good and clean (non-toxic) is a winning combination for me. I also love connecting with my Consultant who is not only passionate about sharing the Apriori beauty with me and others, but is always so accommodating and always treats me VIP service. My Consultant is a skincare angel. Nowadays, we truly have a choice of who to buy from and trust is a big issue for many people. I feel that I'm in good hands both with the company and the beautiful women involved. Thank you.

Karen K., MD - August 11, 2015

I have been using Apriori products for at least 2 years now. My very favorite product is the Celloxylin Step 5. Day Defense Plus SPF 25. It is the best under make-up moisturizing product ever, with the added bonus of having an SPF of 25. I use it every day without fail. My second favorite has to be the Celloxylin Hydro-Burst Moisture Intense Lotion. It has a very pleasant fragrance that is not overpowering. It does not leave your skin with a sticky feeling, either. I always have to have a back-up of these 2 products, in particular. I do indeed see the difference in my skin and continue to be in love with my Apriori products!

Tonia kraft, OH - March 04, 2015

I was cleaning my basement and cut the top portion of my hand. It was a pretty deep cut. After it healed, I applied the Celoxylin Night Repair 3Deep on it at night and put the Day Defense Plus SPF 25 moisturizer on during the day. You can bearly see the scare!!! I love this stuff! I'm so glad Tess Dawson introduced me to this product, thank you Tess!

Gina Fort, CA - August 20, 2014

I was so excited to get my new Celloxylin® Day Defense Plus, Broad Spectrum before going on vacation. Since we were planning on hiking for 4 days, I needed a reliable sunscreen and the Day Defense Plus SPF 25 is the only type of sunscreen that doesn’t irritate my skin. Throughout the entire trip, I didn’t burn once! The Day Defense Plus SPF 25 shield my skin against both UVA and UVB rays, while protecting my skin from aging at the same time. I love the light weight and clean feel and the fact it doesn't leave your skin looking shiny, leaving my face looking radiant all day long. Apriori Beauty’s Day Defense Plus SPF 25 rocks!

Dawn Lorenzo, NY - January 02, 2014

While at a waterpark up in Canada recently, my 10 year old niece's legs became extremely chafed. I FORGOT to pack the Hydro-Burst Moisture Intense Lotion so I gave her something else that "proposed" to be natural. As soon as she put it on, she yelled to me that it was burning!! I told her to wipe it off right away! I began searching for anything Apriori Beauty to put on her. I finally decided that ANYTHING Apriori Beauty would be good because I KNOW the ingredients and I KNOW they are SAFE! I gave her some of the Celloxylin Day Defense Plus to put on. She told me her legs felt much better right away! Then she told me, "when I get older, I am not buying anything except Apriori Beauty." SMART GIRL!

Cathy E., CA - November 13, 2012

I used the Celloxylin Day Defense Plus and immediately could tell a big difference on my face. My skin feels and looks more radiant. My friends say that my skin looks great and I tell them to try Celloxylin for themselves, so they can feel the difference too.

Connie Johnson, CA - November 13, 2012

I am absolutely amazed at the Celloxylin Day Defense Plus! My husband and I just returned from a week vacation in Kauai. I am a redhead with freckles and burn easily. I did not want my face to have any breakouts due to using any other lotion than Day Defense Plus. The greatest test was a 4 1/2 hour kayak trip on the river and into the ocean. I only used Day Defense Plus and had no sunburn at all and no darkening of my freckles. Amazing!

Janie, FL - June 14, 2012

I've been using the DFI 5-6 times a week for a few months now. I am only sorry I never took a close up before picture because the after is amazing! People ask me "what procedure have you done, your skin looks amazing!" it's so true, it does and I'm totally addicted to me DFI!

Christine, NY - April 29, 2016

I have used many different beauty products in my day, but none of them have ever kept me dedicated enough...especially washing my face at night. Now, even if I fall asleep on the couch, reading or watching tv, and get up at 2am to go to bed, I wash my face first, just because I know how my face feels in the morning without the Night Repair 3Deep. Sometimes, I even get ready for bed early ... just so I can apply the products. Yes, I'm in love ... and it shows!

Connie, CA - November 25, 2013

My husband and I are so happy with the Celloxylin Day Defense Plus. The other day after strenuous exercise, he commented that this is the first SPF lotion that does not burn his eyes when perspiring. I realized that I am having the same experience. No More Tears! Thank you Apriori Beauty.