Our Consultants

Apriori Beauty has the most amazing Consultants! Each brings their own unique personality to the business, yet all together, they form a powerful community of helpful, supportive, enthusiastic and passionate individuals.

Congratulations to those profiled below — each promoted to Manager, and some also to a Director level with their persistence, passion and inner drive to succeed. >> Click on each to read their unique Consultant story ...

Cheri & Ross Smillie
Manager | AUBURN, CA

Why did you become an Apriori Beauty Consultant (what intrigued you)?
I joined Apriori Beauty because of the reputation and character of the founding partners. I knew whatever they did would be outstanding! And, I was right. The products are the best I have ever used!

What is your favorite Apriori Beauty product, and why?
I tried to answer this question honestly when it was asked in the Consultant Survey a few weeks ago. It is as difficult to answer now as it was then, since I really love all of the products and I am using them all. I have seen amazing results from each of the products and if one were missing, I would know that I was not getting all the benefits of Apriori Beauty and my skin would show it!

From this experience, what is one piece of advice you would like to share with other Consultants striving to promote to Manager?
I think the one thing that has been the easiest to share with others, is the honestly and integrity of Apriori Beauty. If you love the products and you see your own skin and health changing, just be honest and share with others just what the products have done for you and what they can do for everyone. People don't like to be promised something that is not real. There are so many products on the market that do not deliver what they promise, Apriori Beauty does!